UVC Air Purifier sourcing, service and installation

UVC Air purifiers are an excellent tool for minimising indoor odours and reducing the amount of allergens in the air. The purifiers that we source are high performing multi-stage units that ultimately provide you with the best possible air for breathing. Buildings that use UVC air purifiers see occupants with better airway health, reduced sickness and minimal hay fever.

The purification process occurs in multiple filtering, ionising and UV stages. First of all, coarse airborne items like hair and dust is collected in a prefilter. The air then continues to travel through a volatile organic compound (VOC) which traps odours and airbourne pathogens. After which time the air goes through the final HEPA prefilter which removes allergens like dust and pollen from the air.

The air is then ready to begin the process that truly defines UVC purification – the UV purification. The air travels under a strong UV light which eliminates airborne pathogens, specifically microorganisms. This process increases productivity and reduces sick days lost to employees suffering from bacteria and allergen related ailments.