Asset Management and Maintenance

As a part of our asset management and maintenance services we assess asset condition including factors like wear, suitability and performance to keep comprehensive knowledge of your infrastructure.

In conjunction, we also identify potential cost/ energy savings that can be made by utilising other units or equipment to make sure that your setup is delivering optimal value. Our asset management services also include advise on the compliance of all managed assets and infrastructure so you can be sure that you aren't in violation of any Australian standards.

Assets are managed using our advanced management system which automatically links clients, barcoded assets and our staff to ensure that all tasks are completed in a frequent and thorough manner. The organisational insights offered through this system, combined with a strict maintenance schedule ensures reliability, performance, energy efficiency and compliance.

InBuildings Asset Management System

Inbuildings is an online database containing detailed service history for over 600 buildings complete with formulated maintenance routines ensuring contractual obligations are consistently achieved.

Information is captured in real time by Service Technicians during scheduled maintenance, utilising a custom developed iPhone Application.

Barcode scanning technology identifies the plant , whilst capturing information at point of scan such as GPS location, time of scan, identity of technician, required maintenance tasks to be performed, Specific plant information and outstanding plant remaining to be serviced.